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Flashback 2017

The rain falls steady on the neighborhood I call home (affectionately known as Shine Avenue).

The flags are lined up hanging all in a row limp from Gods watering. I feel concerned the world is a bit upside down as I continue keeping myself almost in balance, but just tilted a little to keep me aware. I’m on my front porch sitting in my oversized swing gazing at the calmness of my surroundings and thinking of the peace that exists within us all.

I’m holding loosely to my peace when this little guy, an Eastern Bluebird I believe, shows up to say hello and deliver a message. One that I cannot seem to translate. Yet, in the pouring rain I realize it must be one of significance — he travels with wet wings to bring it directly to me. He is beautiful with blue feathers and big eyes. His head momentarily tilts, as my balance does, as if to say, ya got it Jim…. I nod. He flys and back to my thoughts I go in hope of simple translation of the message before it evaporates. The messages we receive seem to escape us most of the time. My belief is this is a message of hope as an unknown event approaches.

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