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I recently read, “We just want to be ourselves, what ever that looks like”

It’s actually a bit amazing to try to comprehend what that looks like, as being ourselves often looks different to us than to onlookers in our life. There often seems to be more to oneself, after passing the surface of one’s smile. It’s even a deeper understanding to some than others. I’ve met many people that are content and happy, still knowing there’s no depth, while others thrive in the depth.

To me, Myself seems to be built on experiences, journeys and life’s challenges. It brings joy, growth and often internal pain as my spirit grows. The growth needs continuous water like these experiences, yet the pain is often inevitable in the process of becoming me, who ever that is. Someone said, “ The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” I sometimes feel my sea is made of sweat and tears, yet that’s what rids my fear, boosts my courage and causes my eyes to swell open wider. It’s the journey, the journey connected by the thread of all life’s experiences, good and bad, that allows me to see myself, yet only in a blurred moment as it too begins to fade. The true journey continues to the end in search of, just being myself, what ever that looks like. Let me know if you see me, I want to see too!

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