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Viva Chile

I find myself in the Coquimbo Region of Chile, surrounded by the Andes Mountains and miles on miles of vineyards in this valley with grapes yearning to be churned to wine.

I’m staying at the Aguirre Family farm with a variety of trees bearing avocados, plums, figs, peaches. The hospitality here is second to none. The Aguirre family is my family and the love they share in preparation of the freshest of foods, the laughter and the light energy flows just as smoothly as the Chilean Wine from the grapes that surround us. The avocado trees provide a shade for myself and my brother Cristian as we lie in these hammocks listening to Andrea Bocelli. The mood is so incredible it moves me to tears

. I search for words to describe the emotions I’m feeling…

In this 80-degree air with a light breeze, I’m enjoying most of all my family that I’ve missed for nearly four years. I took a walk around the farm earlier. I can understand why they love their homeland. It’s not only the sound of the nearby Rapel River flowing, the temperature of the air, the smells of the fruit bearing trees, or the beauty of the Andes however… it’s just the feel!! And, that certainly cannot be articulated.

Viva Chile!

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