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Frozen America

I somehow feel selfish when I catch a glimpse of the news titled “Frozen America”, as I sit on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Los Cabos, Mexico.

I decided last minute to escape the hustle bustle of New Years Eve and the cold front that was coming. The UBER driver picked me up at the corner of Farrow, close to my place, at 4:30 AM. The cars were covered in ice that morning as I walked quickly with my roller bag, watching closely for the slick spots that are so unusual for Myrtle Beach, even on a cold dark morning in December.

All paths seemed to lead me here, and now I’m moved daily by the feel of the beauty and the sense of love that surrounds me with all of nature. I’ve seen whales every day from the sparsely populated beach with the water spouts from

their blowholes as they gracefully appear so slow and seem to plunge deep as

they wave with their tales on the down motion. I know they are like me, only here for a short season. Their feel is that of joy and peace. I’m sure they are very aware of the reason for their visit as I still ponder on mine.

I know there is a takeaway from this, and as always, I may not know what it is for sometime.

The Sea Lion that came to visit yesterday seemed to be so much more energetic than myself or the whales. He slipped above and below water like a slither of happiness. Almost as if he were smiling and saying look at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I pointed to him showing my Mexican friend Roberto.

Roberto has spent his life here and has never seen a Sea Lion so close to shore. I honestly believe Sammy the Sea Lion was bringing me a message to take heed. And, a joyful one at that. Why else would the messenger posses such happiness and joy if the message was anything but joyful!

So, I do feel a bit selfish being at this place, in this sand, at this moment with most of those I know only hoping for a break of the “frozen”. I will take the magical messages from this short journey, and the takeaway there must be, to all and share it with those I come in contact with in an effort to pay forward.

As I learned in a book written by Andy Andrews, “It’s all a matter of perspective” And that seems to be the message itself. PERSPECTIVE.

Live your best life now,


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1 Comment

Donna Rollins
Donna Rollins
Jun 12, 2022

What a great winter get away!

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