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Questions and Possibilities

I wake from the stillness that embraces me. I think of the sun changing places with the moon, after I closed my eyes in the darkness of night, just hours before. My thoughts visit the questions and possibilities – what did my Spirit experience while I was sleeping?

I feel like my physical being rests in its unconscious state as my Spirit becomes free from the burden of struggling — the physical being wanting one thing, while the Spirit strives for what is known to be best and accurate for the growth of the soul. My Spirit seems completely Aware, but regular old me seems to be dumbed down by the worldly ways of the senses. For many, including myself, it’s often a challenge to allow an all-knowing internal Spirit to guide our ways as we struggle with the physical being of mind and body looking for instant satisfaction.

Freedom is a natural state of our soul as it’s growth is imminent when the Spirit is allowed to guide without burden. The ultimate freedom … allowing the physical being to rest. Just, rest.

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